Herbal Mist Tea made with Yerba Mate Diet Lemon

Herbal Mist Tea made with Yerba Mate Diet Lemon
I'll tell you what I don't like and then I'll tell you what I like. I like that I was scared to try this because it said "diet" and diet is synonymous with sucralose, aspartame, or some other borderline poisonous chemical. Anything to shed those extra inches, right? We're talking about things I like though, right? That's right. I'm still there. This isn't sweetened with those demons but it's sweetened with teeth's friend, Xylitol and the ever increasingly popular Stevia. As far as a lemon tea, it's pretty good. Speaking of "good," that's about it for the good.

The bad is that I was excited to taste a woody, bitter, adult yerba mate tea but the tag team of Xylitol and Stevia sweeten it up too much and erase whatever bitterness might have been there. I still don't hate those two but they are becoming a crutch that people don't know how to properly harness. Not everyone needs to have a super sweet tea. Some of us enjoy a weaker, lightly sweetened tea. Apparently Herbal Mist doesn't agree.

If I had to sum it up, which is what you want because of your non-professionally diagnosed ADD, this is a lemon tea sweetened with Stevia.
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Mike Literman on 4/23/13, 4:47 PM
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