Herbal Mist Tea made with Yerba Mate Diet Peach

Herbal Mist Tea made with Yerba Mate Diet Peach
The county fair is one of the most wonderful places in the summer. There is a ton of gross awesome food, animals galore and great people watching. Sometimes spending all day out in the sun gets to be a little too much in the heat department, so there are little “mist tents” set up where you walk through a little tunnel and water is misted on you from spray bottles and fans. It's really not the most effective thing in the world, but any little bit of help is appreciated.

All I can think about with the name of this company is one of those tents, but instead of spraying you with water, it pumps out iced tea. It would be the stickiest refreshment anyone has ever seen. It would also be absolutely terrible. If I were forced to go through one, I would choose the diet peach option. I can only assume it would be less sticky than real sugar, and also the peach doesn't taste as insanely strong in this as it does in the regular version. I would just wander through, with my mouth open and let the refreshment wash over me, and hopefully get a little flavor on my tongue along the way.

Like every flavor in this line, it tastes nothing like yerba mate, which as always is disappointing. It tastes a little bit diet, but not in a chemical death way. It's a little strange because it's specifically the peach flavor that tastes diet and not the actual tea. It tastes diet in a way that makes you say, “Why not, there's nothing else to drink, and I don't find this completely disgusting.” Can you really ask for more in a diet drink? The answer is yes, but this is still better than most 0 calorie beverages on the market.
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Jason Draper on 5/28/13, 11:27 PM
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