Hype Energy Up Maximum Punch

Hype Energy Up Maximum Punch
From Poland, to Knoxville, TN, and then all the way to Buffalo, NY this brand is quite a world traveler. The question is was all of that travelling worth it? I mean they are bringing that standard blend of energy drink flavor to the people with their original blend, but so are about fifty other companies, many doing it “locally.” To stand out Hype decided to switch things up and while they were doing so they slipping and smashed their dang face on the way down. This drink is definitely a misstep. It has that children's chewable vitamin flavor that most energy drinks have, but along with that they decided to mix the taste of children's aspirin as well as some adult vitamins. Perhaps that wouldn't have been so bad if it sat underneath a nice fruit punch flavor, but things got all mixed up and the fruit punch is the minor flavor in here and all the weirdness is so much stronger than it. It's like someone watered down Hawaiian Punch and then ground up a whole mess of vitamins and aspirin and mixed it in. It's not the best. Functionally it works great and I got the much needed energy I was looking for on an overnight drive, but I was really forcing myself to get through this can.
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Jason Draper on 4/20/18, 8:00 AM
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