Mmm...Tea Co. Black Tea, Honey & Hibiscus

Mmm...Tea Co. Black Tea, Honey & Hibiscus
I'm just going to come out and say it folks; Mmm…€¦Tea Co just ahs too many varieties. Now I love when companies have a bunch of different options, and this company makes some great iced teas, but there just isn't enough difference in their teas to necessitate all of there separate flavors. We're already reviewed their green tea, honey & hibiscus and their green tea & hibiscus. I'm also pretty sure there is a black tea & hibiscus one out there. Do we really need a black tea, honey & hibiscus one too?

I understand that some people prefer black tea over green and vice versa. I also know that there is a sweetened versus unsweetened version, hence the honey. The thing is that this is not a big company. They are based out of Illinois, and that state is the only place I've come across these. On top of that the shelf life of these teas is less than six months. That's a long time, but not that long, especially in comparison to other companies teas. My point is how can they afford to make so many different flavors with minor differences and keep a back stock? I appreciate that I can have my choice for how I'm feeling at the moment, but I have concern for the companies lasting abilities with this game plan. I certainly want to see them expand their empire and not fold, because I love these teas.

Now that I have expressed my concerns, let's more on. Shall we? This is an awesome drink. The honey flavor is very strong, while having less than 15 grams of sugar per bottle. It does overshadow the hibiscus flavor a bit, but I'm okay with that. I mean this is the same drink as the green tea one I did a few months back, you know except with black tea. I know Mike would complain that the hibiscus isn't what he wanted it to be, but he needs to realize is that the hibiscus teas he likes have added spices to them. This is just black tea, honey and hibiscus flower. There is even a hibiscus flower floating around in the bottle. Of course I ate it. I am a professional. I could have used more hibiscus flavoring in this, but for a ready to drink tea, this more than exceeds my expectations.
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Mmm...Tea Co.
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Jason Draper on 3/17/14, 2:34 PM
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