Mmm...Tea Co. Green Tea Honey Cinnamon & Lemon

Mmm...Tea Co. Green Tea Honey Cinnamon & Lemon
Emmanuel loved cinnamon toast. It was his favorite thing in the whole wide world that his little 7 year old brain could comprehend. He loved it more than his parents, his dog and Batman combined. That's a whole lotta love people, and he favored Powdered Toast Man anyways. Every Sunday morning he would get up grab a little container and mix in sugar and cinnamon into the perfect combination to spread on his buttered toast throughout the week. He would heap the stuff on, so that it would make a mess if he even breathed on it. It was glorious stuff.

One afternoon his mom came home from shopping and handed him a bottle of iced tea. She said she bought it special for him and that she just knew he would love it when they gave her a sample at the store. As soon as he breathed in as he awaited the liquid to travel down the neck of the bottle Emmanuel knew she was absolutely right. Before a drop came into contact with his taste buds he could taste the cinnamon in the smell (yes that's a thing). It was like the time he opened the wrong side of the cinnamon container and way too much came out creating a powdery cloud around him.

After the luxurious eternity that seemed to pass the tea was finally in his mouth. It was all cinnamon and honey, and that was just fine by him. The green tea was down underneath the two stronger flavors and the lemon was hardly there. The honey gave it just the right amount of sweetness, while the cinnamon had a strange dryness to it that should have been weird, but was great.

Emmanuel proclaimed that this was a perfect drink for him and demanded she go back to the store and buy him a case. His mother nervously agreed and was on her way. Oh, did I mention that Emmanuel was the cousin of that kid from the Twilight Zone movie? Why else do you think his mother let him eat cinnamon toast for every meal, unless she feared being transformed into a Jack in the Box?
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Jason Draper on 1/10/14, 8:24 PM
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