Mmm...Tea Co. Green Tea, Honey & Hibiscus

Mmm...Tea Co. Green Tea, Honey & Hibiscus
The weather has turned to turd soup, but you aren't going to let that down. You gather up some provisions, and your significant other and head out to the local botanical gardens for a mid winter picnic. Sure, the gardens look down upon people taking their meals at their establishment, but that's nothing that a twenty slipped to the security guard can't take care of.

Everything is going perfectly. You're surrounded by wonderful green foliage, and the temperature is in the mid 80's inside the dome. No, not “Under the Dome.” I don't know how Brian K Vaughn got mixed up in that train wreck. He's better than that, and his comic writing proves it. Speaking of along with some sandwiches, veggies and hummus you also brought along the last few issues of Saga, for your lover to catch up on as you just sit back and enjoy the escape from winter as you sip on the tea you brought along. You spent a little time making it at home. You brewed it in this big kettle over the fireplace. You wanted to be romantic, and why waste the energy from the stove when you have a perfectly good fire roaring? You brewed some nice green tea in that kettle and added a little honey to sweeten it up. Okay you added a decent amount of honey, and it is very obvious when you taste it. It has the heaviest honey taste out of any tea you've ever made. Apparently at some point during your outing a single hibiscus leaf fell into the tea. It's weird because it gave it a bit of flavoring, but since it doesn't' have cinnamon or other spices in it, it tastes different to other hibiscus teas you've tasted. It's a great tea though to go along with a great outing to make you forget about the weather outside.

That is exactly what will run through your mind grapes as you drink a bottle of this tea. Either that or I am just a true weirdo who envisioned that while driving through the Canadian countryside on a blustery night.
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Jason Draper on 11/27/13, 5:55 PM
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