Onli Natural Grapefruit (Pomelo & Peach)

Onli Natural Grapefruit (Pomelo & Peach)
There beverages were a surprise treat. When I picked them up I saw that the flavors were Grapefruit, Hibiscus and Raspberry. It wasn't until I got home that I realized that under the big flavor, others were listed. In this one the surprise visitors were pomelo and peach. Sure pomelos are similar to grapefruit, but why not mix them together to spice things up a bit? The result is a soda that is very much citrus based. I have an aversion to peach in drinks because it almost always tastes fake and like some sort of peach chemical and not fruit juice. In here it really tastes like neither and just makes the soda taste a bit crazy, but in a good way. The initial taste that greets you is most definitely grapefruit, but then the other two kick in and it is like some mad scientist performed experiments during a lightning storm and created a new fruit (no, not the coveted guavacado that I dream of so often). This is unlike any flavor I have tasted before. It's quite delicious, but for some reason I cannot make it through an entire bottle in one sitting. I suppose that means I just get to enjoy it again a little bit later.
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Jason Draper on 2/13/18, 7:55 AM
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