Purity Organic Coconut Water Organic Mango

Purity Organic Coconut Water Organic Mango
From great juice to great coconut water Purity Organic has you covered. While it is easy to screw up a juice, most coconut water is pretty standard. Unless it's something deep in the fancy end of the spectrum most coconut waters taste pretty much the same. There is something about this coconut water that is a bit different. I know this isn't the right word, but it tastes more fiberous. It's as if you can taste the shell of the coconut in this more than other brands. It's not a bad, nor a good thing; it is simply an observation.

The use of mango puree gives this a nice fruity kick that will make your hydration taste just that much better. I've met humans that don't like eating mango (I'm looking at you Mike), but I've never met one that does not like the taste of mango. When in doubt go mango, you can't lose.
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Jason Draper on 1/4/15, 1:41 PM
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