Rockstar Boom Whipped Strawberry

Rockstar Boom Whipped Strawberry
I don't know what type of Rockstar who would choose this nonsense as their “drink of choice,” energy related or not. It always blows my mind that energy drinks seem to be made mostly in flavors that would be of interest to mostly children. Is this like cigarette companies making their ads attractive to kids? I'm pretty sure it is. In 15-20 years I can only imagine there will be a crazy spike in the number of heart attacks due to organs being weakened over time from people constantly drinking these things.

You know those strawberry candies that come wrapped in foil/plastic that is supposed to look like a strawberry? This tastes like a watered down version of that with some skim milk in it for some reason. I know it says it's whipped, but that is still a little unnerving to me. It's like a liquid strawberries and cream that doesn't taste even remotely natural. I really chose poorly with this one.
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United States
Jason Draper on 12/31/18, 5:35 PM
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