Rockstar Energy + Electrolytes Jamaica Cooler

Rockstar Energy + Electrolytes Jamaica Cooler
Jamaica? Jamaica? Are we talking the island country or are we talking about the Spanish word for hibiscus(sounds like hamica)? This just makes me think of Mr Burns in the grocery store saying ketchup and catsup over and over…€¦Jamaica…€¦hamica…€¦Jamaica…€¦hamica…€¦

I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be hibiscus via aqua fresca, but for some reason it tastes like 50% of it is an apple energy drink, which is oddly not bad. It borders on that gross fake green apple taste, but it stays on the good tasting side of that divide. It also has a bit of a Jolly Rancher strawberry taste to it. So yeah, it has a fake strawberry apple flavor with perhaps some hints of hibiscus around the edges. That sounds like it should be disgusting, but luckily it doesn't taste overly sweet, so that saves it. I get that they were going for an aqua fresca style beverage and it's kind of there. I just wish it tasted more like the style of hibiscus I love aka it mixed with cinnamon and other spices. If that was how this turned out it could have been problematic for me as I would want it all the time.
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United States
Jason Draper on 2/17/18, 9:24 AM
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