Rockstar Ginger Brew

Rockstar Ginger Brew
I don't know about anyone else, but when I think of a Rockstar slinking across the stage with the confidence that makes the straightest of males question their sexuality; I instantly think of ginger ale. Sweaty and shirtless in skintight jeans doesn't make me think of whiskey at all, just a good wholesome soda. I am obviously being sarcastic, but the truth is that while I am incredibly far from being a rock star whenever I'm playing a show if I had to choose between liquor and ginger ale, the root soda would win every single time. I am far from cool. I do have to admit that I sometimes do like to drink an energy drink before I play though. It's a bad habit that I formed from Red Bulls being stocked in green room fridges. Am I just going to say no to that? I mean I probably should, but I am weak willed. This is like that Red Bull, except it tastes nothing like a chemical flavored energy drink (which I do love) and really only tastes like ginger ale. In a blind taste test I would instantly identify it as that specific soda and would probably never guess that it would get me wired. Isn't that what any of us want? To get crazy and not have to feel like we are poisoning ourselves?
Energy Drink and Ginger
United States
Jason Draper on 2/8/18, 1:43 PM
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