Rockstar Pure Zero Silver Ice

Rockstar Pure Zero Silver Ice
Tonight my band is playing our first show in a while. Due to a lack of sleep and printing mass amounts of shirts all day I am exhausted and was looking for a pick me up for a late night. Of course the only energy drink I had on deck is by Rockstar, so even though I could have drunk it and not mentioned a thing I will let the world know that it made me feel like a turd drinking this when I have a show. I feel like the type of person that drinks these before they play are also the same people who would wear Affliction clothing, and have fifteen minute drum solos in their sets. I call for no nonsense and while I enjoy the taste of most Rockstar beverages, I kind of hate the name and can imagine annoying people referring to each other as “rock star” and that is something that chills me.

All valley girl voices aside, this is way better than anticipated. The inclusion of sucralose in any beverage, even when paired with erythritol is generally bad news. In here it's not too bad, well as long as you don't let it warm up. I don't know how to describe what I would expect “silver ice” to taste like, but this drink is pretty accurate. It's very crisp and somehow tastes clean. Sure there's a bit of diet in there, but it doesn't ruin the drink. It also doesn't taste like a typical energy drink, diet or regular. It kind of has a lemon-lime flavor, but not really. It is its own beast and I'm into it. My name is Jason Draper and I approve this zero calorie energy drink.
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United States
Jason Draper on 6/3/15, 4:13 PM
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