Rockstar Revolt Killer Grape

Rockstar Revolt Killer Grape
You absolutely know what you are getting yourself into when you grab one of these. If there was any question as to whether this was going to taste exactly like grape soda with melted candy in it, that goes out the window when you crack it open and that unmistakable scent floats up your nostrils. So the magic is not in the taste but in the calorie content. How is it that a 16oz can can (not the dance) contain 48g or sugar when it is sweetened with sucralose as well as sugar? What is the point of the sucralose at that point other than to distract from the grape sludge taste when it's starting to warm up and you're getting to the bottom third of the can? This is an odd product because it certainly feels like it would be enjoyed by children, but please don't feed this stuff to kids. They are annoying enough as it is and I don't need to deal with the mall hopped up on Grape Death (street name).
Energy Drink
United States
Jason Draper on 3/20/18, 9:52 AM
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