Sail Away Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Sea Salt & Caramel

Sail Away Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Sea Salt & Caramel
If you are offering me hot coffee, it better have some sort of fancy flavoring to it, or else I am more than likely not going to drink it. Well, that just sounded rude. I'm not going to slap the mug out of your hand, or throw the hot liquid onto your person. I will simply say no thank you. If pressed I may add that I'm not a big coffee drinker. The thing is that while I'm not a fan of hot coffee, I do enjoy iced coffee, especially if it is cold brew. To me they are beverages that are in the same family, but have chosen different paths in life. Cold brew is simply a smoother coffee that even when unsweetened isn't as bitter and harsh as its hot sibling. It's a more pleasurable experience for me, and it shines a light on the aspects of coffee that I enjoy and hides the others in the shadows. Sail Away takes things one step further and uses nitrogen in their brewing with makes the coffee which makes it frothier/foamy. It gives it a texture similar to a latte, but without the “milk” in it. That certainly helps with my drinking experience. Also, it apparently gives the illusion of sweetness, or so I've read. Anything that tricks me thinking something is sweet without sugar (or more importantly zero calorie sweeteners) is a plus. Overall it magnifies the coffee's actual flavor, or so I see it.

I'm not a huge caramel fan, so lucky for me that flavor isn't very strong in here. Nor is the sea salt. Both are there in hints only, letting the coffee itself carry most of the workload. That's the way I want it. For someone who isn't a huge coffee fan, I still want my coffee drinks to actually taste like coffee. It's the base and I want it to shine in a glorious way and that is what Sail Away has done with this product.
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Jason Draper on 3/18/18, 8:31 AM
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