Snow Cranberry Pomraz

Snow Cranberry Pomraz
I had never heard of Snow before until a couple of days ago when in the span of a couple hours I got a bunch of text messages from people asking me if I had tried it yet. I guess it must have just hit the shelves, and my friends are looking out for Thirsty Dudes.
It's really a great soda. It's light, but still flavorful. I did not have high hopes for this. The can looks like something you would find in a Dollar Store. I'm really glad I was proved wrong. Raspberry, cranberry and pomegranate make a good team together. I will definitely be trying the other flavors.
I don't know what snow has to do with this drink, except they donate proceeds to help combat global warming. The name and the can design make it look like it's a season drink. I hope that does not deter sales for them once the warmer weather kicks back in.
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Jason Draper on 11/11/10, 1:48 PM
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