Sound Sparkling Chamomile with Vanilla + Elderflower

Sound Sparkling Chamomile with Vanilla + Elderflower
This bottle says that, “We live in a world of flavors buried in sugar,” and it is not wrong. Somewhere along the line companies realized they could use inferior ingredients and just dump in a ton of sweetener and no one would be the wiser. People may have noticed, but a majority of them simply did not care and the forced it all in the face holes and people's weight started to rise. I can't lie, I do like sugar. Sweets are a rough spot for me because I have little control if they are in front of me. I oddly rarely think about them if I am not exposed to them but once I see them my body craves the sweetness. In beverages that is not really a thing anymore though. I much prefer little to no sugar in my teas and sparkling beverages. I like to be able to actually taste what I'm consuming and not have it be masked. Sound understands this so they grabbed their shovels and went back to the before time, when sugar was a treat and not a constant. Their sparkling teas are near perfection. They don't skimp on the quality of their ingredients and you can taste them all. This is smooth, relaxing, and satisfying all in one gulp. The flavors are strong, but not overpowering. There is no sugar in here whatsoever, yet it still satisfies me in any sweetness that I may desire. This may not be for everyone but I have zero complaints and many accolades.
Iced Tea
United States
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 12/17/18, 8:24 AM
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