Sound Sparkling White Tea With Peach + Ginger

Sound Sparkling White Tea With Peach + Ginger
I am done with winter. I'm sick of it. It's snowing yet again and it looks like more than a foot of the nonsense is going to pile up around my house yet again. Guess what? I am just not leaving the house today. Forget the world. It's not important anyway. I will just cuddle up with my cat, my dog and this bottle of sparkling tea. Not a typical cold weather drink I know, but it's here and it's tasty so it's what I'm clinging to underneath piles and piles of blankets.
Let me say I don't get the combo of peach and ginger. I have come across it in teas a handful of times, and I enjoy it, but it is always a bit strange. I love both flavors, but they don't mingle the way I want them to. Perhaps peach just shouldn't be mixed with non-fruit flavors. Still, this is quite enjoyable, even though it throws me for a loop a little. It's very peachy with the ginger hanging around the edges. There is no burn in here, which would have been a bit wild. I think it is ultimately better without it though.

I have grown to love these sparkling teas. They are a bit more than seltzer, but don't make me feel the guilt I've been getting from soda lately. Hey, I'm about to turn 40, and I've worked hard to keep myself slim and non-slovenly. While I do love a nice soda, I've learned that they are meant to be treats and not for everyday consumption (at least for me). This way when I have them I appreciate them a lot more. In the meantime I will consume mass amounts of water, seltzer, and unsweetened tea, both sparkling and still.
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Jason Draper on 1/29/19, 11:27 AM
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