Sound Sparkling Yerba Mate

Sound Sparkling Yerba Mate
I called this house meeting because I believe someone has been snooping around my room when I'm not home. My reasoning for this is that someone has obviously been reading my dream journal and then selling the information to the various companies that it would benefit. I mean how else would anyone know that perhaps the product I want most in life to exist is a hibiscus yerba mate seltzer? Yet here I sit with a bottle of Sound in front of me. Yes, I know they mean for it to be more of a sparkling tea, but in my world if it's carbonated with no sugar, it's a seltzer. I also see that they have somehow improved on my dreams and added lime and lemon to the mix. If I weren't so furious that one of you has been going through my things I could weep with happiness. This is one of the most wonderful tasting things I have ever experienced. It's a mixture of yerba mate, white tea and guayusa that has some hibiscus flowers brewed with it. The whole thing tastes like a slightly floral yerba mate with just a twist of citrus. It's obvious that if any company had made it this far into such a wonderful product they would knock it down a few pegs by adding some sugar, or…€¦ick…€¦stevia. Here it sits though, completely unsweetened, just like I always dreamed. You two have a lot of explaining and apologizing to do, especially since you are both cats and I don't know how you even read my journal.
Iced Tea and Sparkling
United States
No Sugar Added
Jason Draper on 4/5/18, 10:43 AM
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