Square Peach Carrot

Square Peach Carrot
Remember when carrot juice started showing up in mainstream consumerism? My first memory of it was in V8 splash. I was shocked because my sister who won't eat anything and has a natural abhorrence of carrots started drinking it all the time. My sister and carrots are like Dracula and Van Helsing, so you can understand my confusion. She claimed it didn't taste like carrots at all, but I could surely taste them in there. I think she would probably ignite as if daylight were touching here skin if she ever had the Bolthouse Farms carrot juice. Now that is straight up liquefied carrots.

So here comes Square with their fruit and carrot combinations. Mike loved their apple & carrot drink, and he told me I should check out another one of their flavors, and here I am. I would have preferred that it was more than 30% juice, but you take what you can get. There is twice as much carrot in here as there is peach juice, yet peach is the stronger of the two flavors. There's a nice subtle carrot undertone, which I appreciate. Maybe it's better off that it's not 100% juice. The carrot flavor may be too overpowering in that scenario.

My only real complaint with this is that sugar is the second ingredient. I get it, people like sweet drinks. That's not my complaint. It's the fact that further down the list they also threw in glucose-fructose syrup. Does that really need to be there? I'm sure it would have been sweet enough with just the sugar.
Jason Draper on 1/22/11, 9:54 AM
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