Zum XR Xtended Release Sports Drink Natural Alpine Berry

Zum XR Xtended Release Sports Drink Natural Alpine Berry
If this bottle weren't completely sealed I would have questioned whether or not someone had replaced the beverage with some sort of poison. Actually, do you guys thing someone could have done that with a syringe in the nub at the bottom of the bottle? It really didn't taste right. It had one of those flavors that set off alarms in your taste buds/brain that warn you to make sure you're not drinking antifreeze. On top of that when I first shook it up there were these clouds floating in the drink that were definitely a different consistency than the rest of the drink. It's a little disturbing.

So what we have here is a bottle that tastes like watered down berries mixed with some sort of coolant. Not exactly what I look for in a beverage. It's a totally different chemical taste than other energy drinks. Apparently this is a natural poison.

As it turns out it either wasn't poison at all, or I have a high tolerance. I drank this a while ago, and I have yet to shuffle off this mortal coil, or show any signs of doing so. Looks like “heart stoppage” does not need to be included in the list of possible side effects after all.
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Jason Draper on 2/11/13, 3:27 PM
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