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Italian Volcano Lemonade

Italian Volcano Lemonade
Pete went to Italy to try to experience new things. He was a huge car fan and really wanted to see Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Alfa Romeos in their natural habitat. On the plane over he said that he wanted to see a Countach, 512 TR, and a GTV 6. Anything else was pure icing.

Pete was there for a couple days and didn't see any of the main cars on his list. Sure, he saw some Alfa 164s, some newer Murcielagos and a Ferrari Mondial but he saw those in the States a fair amount. He was only there for one day and he decided to get something to drink. He stopped at an Italian cafe and rather than drink some coffee, he decided to get something local to where he was, which was lemonade. He sat down with his lemonade and watched as his final hours passed him. He was happy, though. He got to relax and now he was relaxing with a pretty good lemonade. It was lightly sweetened enough to let the sourness of the lemon to come through. Also, it made him feel good that there was pulp in there. It made him feel like it was handmade.

Just as he was finishing up, he heard something loud coming around the corner. He looked up and a gorgeous, red Ferrari F40 sped past him. He never though he'd see one and thought that it was alright that he didn't see the other ones. Maybe next time, he thought.
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Mike Literman on 11/24/13, 7:51 PM
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