T2U (Tea to You) (1 review)

T2U (Tea to You) Green Tea Pomegranate

T2U (Tea to You) Green Tea Pomegranate

A couple things. First, we were all very busy this weekend. Jay has been on tour with Cheap Girls and hanging with some other friends in and around, Baltimore, Philly, New York, and beyond. I spent all weekend riding a motorcycle in a basic riding course. Derek has opened a store and is dealing with that. We were very busy. From Jay and I, we're sorry that we didn't get to do any reviews.

Second, and this is a doozy: buy this tea. I'm telling you. I saw it at some small Asian market with my dogg (note the double "G") Jay. I think Jay was looking around for carp juice or shark drink or something to hopefully make me throw up. Notice a pattern? He's always trying to make me throw up. We'll get there, buddy. We'll get there. This tea, which came out of nowhere, is way too good to be stuck in such limited quantities on a dusty shelf in some suburban Asian market. This trumps most big brand iced tea by far. Good natural tea taste and a good natural pomegranate taste. These guys nailed it.

South Korea, you've given me years of Tae-Kwon-Do and now you've given me this. I hope that this review can bring you the income needed to build that new bridge or skyscraper you've always wanted.

South Korea
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Mike Literman on June 11th, 2012
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