Sapporo Koiuma Dark Green Tea

Sapporo Koiuma Dark Green Tea

I've said it before and I'll say it again. "Kids. Right?" They just don't get it. Perhaps it's me becoming a curmudgeon‎ of an old man but sometimes an unsweetened green tea is all I need to make me a happy man. What pleases me about it? The bitterness and the crispness of it. Jasmine is wonderful because it's a bit botanical. This is a dark green tea, which is code for a sencha which is pretty bitter in its own right and equally fantastic. I've had hot cups of the stuff and it's a strong and equally lovely cup. This is no different. The bitterness is set right in a great place where it's enjoyable to drink at any speed and also strong enough that purists can get what they want from it.

Kids do not enjoy unsweetened tea. Kids drink garbage. Maybe it's just American kids. I think I can speak on behalf of all people that used to be dumb American kids and say that I wish I drank more unsweetened tea as a child. I wasted my time with my mom's diet Pepsi for years. That being said, she pretty exclusively drinks unsweetened tea now so maybe we are all learning what East has known for hundreds of years.

Dear Japan,

Sorry we're so far behind.


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Mike Literman on February 26th, 2014