Cuppa Chocolate Tea (1 review)

Republic of Tea Cuppa Chocolate Tea Chocolate Peppermint

Republic of Tea Cuppa Chocolate Tea Chocolate Peppermint

I know what you're thinking. No, not because I'm psychic. People that say they are psychic are shysters and crooks. I just know that you are thinking, "Oh, chocolate tea. That sounds grozz." Well, friend. Live a little because this tube of tea bags was a wise investment on my part.

There is a red tea base that you can kind of taste first. It's a very good tea in itself but then, oh, here it comes, Chocolageddon with a sprig of mint. It is a very refreshing drink because it's as "thin" as a tea but almost tastes like a mint hot chocolate. I did ten ounces and decided to roll the dice and snag a couple more O.Z.'s out of the same bag and it was a solid 80% return on investment.

It's almost unfortunate because they have so many other good flavors that it's going to cost me a pretty penny to, much like Ash to his Pokemon, collect them all. I've got thirty one bags left of this treat so it might take me a little bit to get to the rest of the family.

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No Sugar Added
Hot Tea
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Mike Literman on July 19th, 2013
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