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T'zen Harmony Ginger Chai

T'zen Harmony Ginger Chai

It's apparently Canada day here at Thirsty Dudes. No, no, not the holiday. That's not until the first of July. That would be a long time to "rock your body" as Robin Sparkles may say. I've just reviewed two beverages from the wonderful country of Canada and they were both over the top great.

I first encountered this on tour in Ottawa last year. I got it in a co-op where I also picked up the best samosas I have ever tasted. They were spinach and tofu. I still think about them to this day. This drink perfectly accompanied them. It did not perfectly accompany the burrito I had tonight, but that was because it was fairly spicy and this didn't help cool my mouth down. I don't care. My mouth can deal with the heat. I'm not five years old. What? Do you think I am? I can assure you if I were I would be the fattest five year old ever having drank so many drinks in the past six months. My parents would also be brought up on child abuse charges for the same reasons.

Back to the drink; chai and ginger are two of the best flavors ever. That being said, I would never have imagined mixing the two together. For that fact I am a moron. It's spice heaven in my mouth. It's a mostly chai taste with a great undertone of ginger. There are also orange, lemon and lime juices mixed in to give it a slight fruit kick.

It's very rare that I give a drink a five. It really has to knock my socks off to get that sought after rating. This has gone beyond any expectation I could ever have. I can't press you hard enough to give this a try if you're ever up in Canada and it's in your general vicinity.

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Ginger, Iced Tea, Soda Pop
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Jason Draper on April 12th, 2011
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