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Chuong Duong Saxi

Chuong Duong Saxi

When I was young, the world of non-chocolate based candy was ruled with an iron first by one Willy Wonka: Everlasting Gobstoppers, Runts, Sweet Tarts, and my personal favorite Bottle Caps. Even though these would be unbearably sweet to me now, when I was a kid I absolutely loved them. The best flavor was the root beer. It was so much stronger than the rest in both flavor and scent. As soon as I cracked open this can that familiar aroma instantly invaded my nasal passages. I knew I was in for a treat.

Normally these Asian sodas aren't the best. If anything I would say they are interesting. This is both interesting and delectable. A sip takes you through a couple of stages. First your tongue is greeted by a flavor of a combination root beer and cola. Then anise is brought into the mix. On the way out, it takes a slight left turn and has an aftertaste that is very much like black Twizzlers. I usually hate black licorice, but it's not strong enough to make me want to vom. It actually feels pretty natural in the spectrum

After some completely gross sauce drinks from Vietnam, it's nice to see that the country finally got one right.

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Jason Draper on January 18th, 2011
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