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Go Girl Bliss Peach

Go Girl Bliss Peach

Back in 1997, "You go girl!" was such a big phrase that a company used it as their name. Go Girl was formed with women in mind. What do women need? Calcium and energy and a proprietary blend of secrets called "Super Citrimax." women crave these things and they don't even know it. Well, no one wants to get osteoporosis, hence the calcium. I guess the need for energy is pretty self explanatory, too. The Citrimax though, like I said, it's proprietary.

Women, the delicate flowers of the human species, need a flavor that matches their personality and what better accompaniment than the soft flavor of a peach.

What Go Girl doesn't tell you is that inside this feminine can resides a pretty basic, diet tasting peach tea. Although Yerba Mate is included in the package, you have none of the bitterness but you might get some of the energy. Halfway there, I suppose.

Go Girl is doing good things for good people but fall short since it almost uses all-natural ingredients. Sucralose was never found on any tree or bush I've ever seen. I'm no horticulturist, but I know a thing or two about artificial sweeteners.

Go Girl? You go girl...to re-research a better blend of an all-natural, peach, Yerba Mate tea.

Half this review is factual. You guess which half.

United States
Organic Agave Syrup
Energy Drink, Iced Tea
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Mike Literman on June 27th, 2012
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