Activate Vitamin Fruit Punch

Activate Vitamin Fruit Punch

I had very little interest in this beverage when I first picked it up, but since I had never seen it before I felt an obligation to this website. It has zero sugar; only five calories and the light color did not make it look very flavorful. None of that is very enticing to me.

The saving grace/overall coolness of this drink is the fact that there is a compartment of vitamins hidden in the cap. When you're ready to drink it you twist the red part of the lip and they drop into the drink. I've never come across a drink like that before, and it's pretty rad. The reason for it is that vitamins deteriorate and lose their potency in water. This way you get the most bang for your buck if you will.

This flavor really tasted like Flintstones Chewable Vitamins. Do they still make those? If not they should. They are tasty and made me want to take vitamins as a kid. Barney was always the best one. Do kids even know who the Flintstones are? Would Fred selling cigarettes even work nowadays? Who would be peddling those wares these days?

The use of stevia was a wise choice. It keeps the diet flavor to a minimum, and actually makes the drink enjoyable.

United States
Stevia Extract
Diet, Mix/Concentrate, Sports/Dietary Supplement
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Jason Draper on April 29th, 2011
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