Ahhmigo Brain Boost Super Greens Cleansing Energy

Ahhmigo Brain Boost Super Greens Cleansing Energy

In the deserts of the southwestern United States there roams a nameless man. He is a man with many friends who have never heard him utter a single word. To those who know of the lore he is simply known as Ahhmigo. He wanders the desert with his trusty llama and helps those who are lost. The thing is he is kind of a jerk. He drives around in a jeep all day with a llama riding shotgun, until he finds someone wandering in the sand. He then pulls up, flips open a cooler from the back and tosses the wayward soul a bottle of water and a packet of vitamins and the like. He then just points in the direction of the nearest town, and just drives off. I know he’s giving some help, but the dude has a jeep. He could easily drive the people to safety instead of just hydrating them. He becomes their friend (I guess) and offers them refreshment, but like I said, he’s kind of a jerk.

This is the closest you will come to experiencing an encounter with this leathery skinned man. It is a bottle of spring water that has a cap full of freeze dried vegetables, roots, fruits, herbs and vitamins, just like the astronauts use. It helps to keep the ingredients fresh so that you can get the most out of them. Much like a Japanese soda, you smash the top down, into the fluid below, but instead of releasing a marble, a dusting of health enters your water.

The majority of these ingredients in cap drinks use zero calorie sweeteners to help make it more palatable for your average drinker. Ahhmigo is no different in that they use stevia, but with so much other healthy stuff in here, you can’t really taste it at all.

For drinks like this I normally list all of the weird ingredients that I’ve never heard of before, but I’m sure are ridiculously good for you, but this seriously has so many that it would be the entire review. They are broken up into different categories on the ingredients list, which include algae, phytonutrients & enzymes, tonic herbal extracts & mushrooms, green juices, western herbs and natural antioxidants. I would like to mention that it has bladderwrack though. Now that’s something completely new to me.

Overall this tastes like an old style health food store smells. It’s mostly wheat grass that I taste, but there are a bunch of other flavors in there that just make it taste healthy. It’s like someone took every little think that was healthy that they could find, juiced it all together, and then watered it down a bit. There are some flakes of the powder that I couldn’t get to dissolve, no matter how long I shook it.

This is certainly a strange drink that is fitting for the strange fellow in the desert who travels with a llama. If you ever come across him, make sure you thank him, as he probably saved your life, but also give him a little guff, for not helping more.

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Diet, Mix/Concentrate, Sports/Dietary Supplement
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Jason Draper on May 18th, 2013