Arizona Oak Brewed Tea Lemon

Arizona  Oak Brewed Tea Lemon

Look at us, Arizona. We are growing up and we are doing it together. When I was a kid, you and I shared lemon tea and green tea outside of gas stations. Now I've got a career, kid, dog, mortgage and I'm drinking oak steeped tea. We are classy individuals. We went from a time of immaturity including but not limited to:

  • lighting tennis balls on fire and playing street hockey
  • Throwing cans of Raid into bonfires and having them explode.
  • Making multi-floor treehouses in a friend's backyard
  • Following friends down hills in cars while they rode street luges made out of old street signs

Together, we have turned into quasi-functional "adults" with responsibilities. Your responsibility was to make a calm, nice tasting tea and you did it, buddy. This tea is slightly lemony, slightly sweetened and has all the nice, woody qualities that would make a whisky drinker blush. Way to go. Now let's go be creepy dudes at the mall.

United States
Maple Sugar
Iced Tea
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Mike Literman on October 1st, 2014
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