Arizona Tea Water Mandarin Orange

Arizona  Tea Water Mandarin Orange

Perhaps you are someone's grandmother who makes some hot tea. Perhaps you also, like most grandmothers, save your tea bags and reuse them. They lived through the Depression you know, and they will never trust the banks or the tea industry again! On the fourth or fifth use of the tea bag you would probably brew a tea that is as strong as this.
It tastes like what it says it is, tea water. You could also call it watered down tea, but I think that might cause some problems for the marketing department.
All joking aside, it's really not terrible. It's more of a tea flavored water than anything. The mandarin orange flavor is present in a strong aftertaste. I could see a lot of people enjoying this on a regular basis. It's too weak for my tastes.

United States
Organic Evaporated Cane Juice
Iced Tea, Water
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Jason Draper on December 11th, 2010