Arizona Tea Water Pomegranate

Arizona  Tea Water Pomegranate

You think Arizona and you think iced tea. No one thinks about Arizona the state anymore. It is old news, my friends. You might think immigration problems, and that's alright due to its current topical status. Forget about immigrants for a second and think about this: you drinking tea. Relaxing no? Now cool it out a bit. Yeah, take that tea that you made and put it right in the fridge. Now, add a teensy bit of sugar to it to make it a bit more inviting that just a boring old, perfectly previously acceptable tea. Clap your hands together and take a sip, because you're done.

It's a pretty simple idea, right, and many other companies have done it in the past; Honest did it with their "Just a Tad Sweet" teas and they're good. This is along the same lines. It's got a strong, fruity nose to it, but it is a light flavor. You don't get a green tea bite, but you get just the right amount of sweet to know that there's something else (pomegranate) in there.

I like it. It's also completely organic so you can feel good about yourself and the world.

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Organic Cane Juice
Iced Tea, Water
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Mike Literman on December 8th, 2010
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