Big Ben's American Birch Beer

Big Ben's American Birch Beer

This took me by surprise. I thought a few things before I drank it. The first of which, who has ever seen, let alone heard of, clear birch beer? Not I, and I'd like to think I'm some sort of professional. Two was that it was a company I had never heard of and the pop was in a plastic bottle.

I. Was. Wrong. This was strong. Like mouth numbingly strong. It was like every sip was a burst of birch flavoring. I liked it. Re-buy liked. It was kind of like if you ate a mouthful of black licorice to the point where you tasted licorice for a while afterward. It was stagnant, but in a good, powerful way.

If you have the opportunity, try it. It only takes two sips to get used to and then you're hooked.

*After this review we realized that all of the Big Ben birch beers were the same flavor, just different colors. So I changed the picture. Red, white and blue. It's like our country was founded on this soda.

United States
Sugar and or Corn Sweetener
Root Beer, Soda Pop
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Mike Literman on December 6th, 2010