Blu-Dot Protein Tea Orange Pineapple Green Tea

Blu-Dot Protein Tea Orange Pineapple Green Tea

When I bought this drink I was pretty sure it was going to be great, but the longer I thought about it, the greater my suspicions. On one hand it’s a green tea that was orange pineapple flavored and that sounds great to me. In addition to that it comes in a glass bottle, which most of the time is a sign of quality tea. What company is going to spend the extra money on glass with an inferior product? On the other hand this is a protein drink, which could leave it weirdly chalky. It is also sweetened with stevia, which isn’t absolutely terrible, but it’s still not my sweetener of choice. There was no doubt that there was going to be an element of gambling involved with this one.

My original thoughts were not quite on the money. Actually they were a bit further away from it than I would have liked. This is a very, very light tea to the extent that it almost tastes like tea-flavored water. The flavoring has a vague citrusness around it, but it’s more like the weakest Tang that has ever been made than orange and pineapple. That’s stevia coldness isn’t helping matters either. If that had been the drink it wouldn’t have been horrible, but nothing I would spend my money on again. Blu-Dot took things further though and added whey protein in order to make the drink functional.

On some levels adding the protein made this drink seem better, because I always give functional drinks a bit of a break in the flavor category, because you can’t expect that stuff to taste great. Then on the opposite levels it just makes an already mediocre flavor go even more down hill.

To summarize this it tastes like a shot of green tea was dumped into the world’s most watered down Tang and then a heap of whey protein was dropped in, which made it taste like it should be curdled. I am not a fan.

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Jason Draper on November 2nd, 2013