College Club Cola Champagne

College Club Cola Champagne

Nothing says "party" like cake and pop. It's true. Pizza might help. Pointed hats, too. I feel that the basis, the core, of a party is cake and pop. If you don't provide these things you are either:

  1. Old

  2. A lame adult

That's about it. I hope that you, my faithful Thirsty Dudes and Dames fit into neither category.

So today I had a get together at my house and, as one would assume, had ice cream and plenty of beverages. I got this new stock from College Club when Jay and I went there about a month ago and I decided that it was time to bring it to the masses. People all seemed to want the cream soda and the cola champagne. I happily opened both of them and let them have at it. I've had the cream soda before and loved it. The cola champagne was a new addition and I was excited to try it.

I. Did. Not. Like. It. You know who would like it? Nay, love it? 8-years-old kids. An 8 years old boy would love this because it is wildly sweet and it tastes like bubble gum. A couple people liked it and one person said that it was better than the cream soda, but they are simply wrong and I did not let them get away with such blasphemy.

They can't all be winners and it's pop like this that can be a fun experiment and if it sells, it sells, but it won't be sold to me again any time soon.

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Mike Literman on May 22nd, 2011