Jarritos Lime

Jarritos Lime

While stuck in a desert, you reach your hand in your pocket. You pull out a pocket full of sand. You don't know what you should have expected. You've been out here with your camel for going on four days. Four long, hot, sweaty, sandy days. You have already lost ten pounds putting yourself at your "target weight" but it doesn't really matter because working out is what you wanted to do to lose the weight, not starve yourself. Sure, you ate that bird, but it wasn't great and you didn't have the proper spices and herbs to really make it a nice meal. You look at your camel and you see a rib eye steak with your camel’s head in the hole, like in cartoons. You would never eat Jerome, but you would think about it, a lot.

You just endlessly climb hills of sand only to uncover more hills of sand. All of a sudden, you reach the peak of another sand hill and look down to see someone else. "Help!" you exclaim as you tumble and slide down the side of the hill. On closer inspection, that dude is fat. He tells you that he is just looking for a nice, flat place for a picnic for one. You walk with him, confused as to why someone would travel all this way for a picnic for yourself when you know for a fact that the country you are in has picnic tables and out here blows. The fat man sits down, lays out a blanket, takes out a three tier candlestick, four sandwiches, two bottles of Jarritos lime pop, a box of Nutter Butters, and half a watermelon. He takes several bites out of the first sandwich and looks at you, looking like garbage, and he says that you may sit down and join him. You sit; grab a sandwich, slice of watermelon, and bottle of pop. Why no Nutter Butters? Because it's 122 degrees in the desert and that chocolate has long melted.

You take a sip of the pop and are almost instantly relieved. All those days in the desert were erased and your camel finally doesn't look like a piece of meat anymore. Good old Jerome. You've have lime pop before, but this is so subtle, that it's actually quenching and not overly sour or bold like you were frightened it would have been. Just because you were starving, doesn't mean that you don't have taste buds.

You finish up, help the man clean up, and he offers to walk you back to the city. You walk over one hill and notice that you've just been going around in circles for four days. You feel stupid but now you can feel good about losing all that weight and having a sensible lunch.

Natural Sugar
Soda Pop
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Mike Literman on September 22nd, 2011
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