Tazo Oolong Tea Golden Amber

Tazo Oolong Tea Golden Amber

When buying a home, how many times in one day can you go to the hardware store? I have gone to Home Depot at least once a day, today twice, for the last week and a half. Caulk, wood, paint, primer, faucets, ceiling fans, wall sconces, and so on and so forth. It's a lot of work and a lot of money and a lot of time. Today I decided to treat myself a little bit.

Sure, I needed paintable caulk. Sure I did. Why wouldn't I? On my way to the first trip to the store, I decided to get something nice to drink for myself to pre-reward myself for an impending job well done. I saw this at the store and it stood out because I knew we hadn't done it. Sometimes I think we have done it all but then I leave my guard down, new stuff fills the shelves and it seems our job will never end. I bought it without thought and headed home for my double entendre "Caulkfest" of an afternoon with a father/son electrical duo.

This tea put me in a good place. Sure my hands were filled with caulk and plaster dust and general grime, but when I took sips of this drink it put all that in the back of my mind. This tea was a great middle ground between a sweetened and unsweetened tea. Sure, I know, once you add sugar, it's no longer an unsweetened tea, but it's lightly sweetened and nothing is masked by the sweetness of a sweetener. You can taste the bitterness of the oolong tea and although there is no actual honey in the drink, there is essence of honey that you can really taste. There is also essence of caramel, which, if you think about it, you can taste.

This is a wonderful addition to the great teas that Tazo makes for us. If you've got a long day of monotonous tasks ahead of you, maybe you should buy yourself a vacation drink like this.

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Mike Literman on December 27th, 2013
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