True Brew Sweet Tea

True Brew Sweet Tea

I'm the only one in the office. It's a lonely day here. It was supposed to be a snow day of massive proportions but, once again, the outcome was overstated to say the least. It was honestly no worse than a typical snowy day. Perhaps it was a little more slippery. So what do I do? Jump right on that bus, earlier than usual, and ride in to work. No one is here. Everyone anticipated a disaster. So here I am, listening to an array of different new jams including, but not limited to, Everything But The Girl, Prick, and now an old Battles EP.

Even though the storm of apocalyptic scale was nothing more than an icy dusting, it's still cold. What better way to warm up than with a cold bottle of sweet tea? Yeah, I know, cold on cold. It doesn't matter. You drink sweet tea when it's hot so I'm in my own little paradise and it tastes great. I don't know how it could taste otherwise with these ingredients: water, cane sugar, and black tea. That's it. No preservatives. No artificial sweeteners. No anchovies. Nothing. Due to this, and the fact that True Brew is from Texas, means that this is one phenomenal sweet tea. Potentially some of the best sweet tea I've ever had. This is what sweet tea should taste like. It's not too sweet, but it is very sweet. I'm not complaining and I've got no complaints with this gem of an iced tea.

I'm not being kind with this 5-bottle review because this is the model. I don't know if it can go up from here. They took something great and left it alone and for that, I reward them.

This Battles record makes me want to learn how to play drums.

United States
Organic Cane Sugar
Iced Tea
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Mike Literman on February 2nd, 2011