Xing Tea Sweet Tea

Xing Tea Sweet Tea

Mike reviewed this drink three and a half years ago, and just wasn’t into it. As you can see below, it just didn’t deliver what he wanted from a sweet tea. Cut to now, the company contacted us and said that from what he wrote, they thought something was wrong with his can, as in a bad batch or something. They ended up sending us a couple cans to try again, and I have to say they were absolutely right.

I will now address Mike’s issues:
1) There is a difference between sweet tea and sweetened tea.

I can most definitely taste the sweet tea aspect of this. You can absolutely taste the cane sugar, and it’s one of the driving tastes in this beverage. That is what makes a sweet tea to me.

2) He couldn’t taste any actual tea, and it tasted fake.

There is both black and green tea in this, which I admit is odd in a sweet tea, and purists would scoff at it and claim it wasn’t real sweet tea. Those people are snobs. I can definitely taste both type of tea very distinctively. It gives a new twist to an old standard. I am personally a fan, and during a sweltering summer I would drink this all of the live long day.

Sorry you got a bunk can Mike, because this is great and more than lives up to my Xing expectations.

Mike's Old Review:
The more I am drinking Xing Tea the more I am getting disappointed. This sweet tea is, technically, sweetened tea, but there is a significant difference between "sweet tea" and sweetened tea. Also I taste no actual tea in this drink and something about it seems fake. I don't think I need to say anymore.

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Cane Sugar
Iced Tea
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Mike Literman on September 15th, 2010