Natural Erythritol (1 review)

Steaz Iced Green Tea Half and Half

Steaz Iced Green Tea Half and Half

"Oh, that's diet." is not the most fantastic first impression. I mean, sure, diet is diet but as we hurdle head first towards "the future," some companies have really killed this "diet" thing. Steaz has a fifty-fifty relationship with me. When we started, I drank something, promptly hated it, and wrote them off for a long time. I warmed up and drank a bunch of stuff I liked and then we came to this and it's nothing special. I, for the gazillionth time, am not looking to be blown away, but this tastes like a garbage, diet drink.

Between the bunk lemonade and the Erythritol, this drink might as well have been ninety-nine cents and come in a plastic jug that weighs as much as a child's bowling ball. The green tea was alright but it was a bit distracted and modified by the bitterness of the Erythritol that you didn't know if it was "good" bitterness or "unauthentic" bitterness.

It's a can of lies and deceit. Pass it by. You can do better Steaz and you can do better, general public.

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Natural Erythritol
Iced Tea, Lemonade
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Mike Literman on June 17th, 2014
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