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5150 Caffeine Energy Mix (Semi Sweet)

5150 Caffeine Energy Mix (Semi Sweet)

In high school a bunch of friends and I all wrote fake doctors notes for each other and ditched out midday to go to the University of Buffalo for their Spring Fest. Snapcase was playing, and seeing as we were all young "hardcore" kids and the "Steps" EP had just come out we just had to go. So we all left in 10-minute intervals as to not seem suspicious. I was the last to go and the lady in the office asked me where we were all going because obviously five friends did not have dentist appointments on the same day. I got all flustered and she just winked at me and told me to enjoy my cleaning.

We got to the college with an hour to spare so we hit up the college store. We were young and dumb with disposable income looking for some sort of adventure. A couple of us decided to buy boxes of No-Doz and get all messed up on caffeine (this was during a time where Jolt was pretty much the only widely available energy drink). We got super hyper and jittery, which made us have a ton of fun at the show. We took them around 1PM. That night around midnight I laid down for bed. My heart was still racing and beating super hard. After about 15 minutes I was convinced I was dying. I woke up my mom's boyfriend (as to not freak out my mom) and he called a friend who was a nurse to see what we should do. She told him I would be fine I just had to wait it out. It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I thought I was going to die and I thought I was going to get in a buttload of trouble because I downed a box of caffeine pills.

As soon as I saw this jug of liquid caffeine that night played over and over in my head. As awesome as it is to be able to be able to have a adjust your caffeine intake to your liking and get a pick me up without all of the other garbage that is in most energy drinks, I can't help but think of stupid kids messing around to see who could ingest the most caffeine. We did it when I was in grade school except it was how many Warheads candies can you have in your mouth at once, or how many sprays of Binaca breath spray can you shoot under your tongue. As soon as this makes it's way into the gas station/corner store market there are going to be a bunch of kids who develop heart problems. I get freaked out when I see young kids downing Monster drinks, but what can I say? I'd be doing the same thing if I were their age. Also you add this to drinks in a syringe. I don't care what age you are that is just cool and enticing.

Now onto the whole point of this: the flavor. I put a couple of drops of this on my tongue and it is definitely "semi sweet." It has the chemical taste of energy drinks when you drink it straight up, but you're supposed to mix it in a drink. To keep things pure I put some in a glass of water. When you drink it that way the chemical taste is completely nonexistent. It definitely adds sweetness to the water, but it's nothing crazy. It tastes like I dumped a packet of sugar into my glass. If you added this to a juice I don't think you'd be able to taste the difference. Now that is pretty amazing.

Another plus is that it's pretty small and easily brought along in a jacket pocket. This is either the best of worst thing ever. I'm still not sure.

Oh yeah, back to the No-Doz night. My mom's boyfriend never said a word to my mom about it. It was our little secret. He was a good dude. I miss having him around.

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Sorbitol Glycerin
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Jason Draper on July 25th, 2011
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