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I must admit, I do know a LITTLE something about the Beverage Business since I worked in it from 1991-2008. I helped turn a small family operated family business named SNAPPLE, into the behemoth company it is today. You might remember me as THE SNAPPLE LADY, the zaftig chick from Lawng Gisland :-), and a Madison Avenue Advertising Icon, who appeared in all the Snapple Television and radio ads for a time, way back in the 90's mostly. More recently I have done a ton of stuff for VH1.

I am delighted that the THIRSTY DUDES reached out to me to write a review for them and for you!!

Fresca Citrus Peach

Fresca Citrus Peach

So where do I start?

I suppose, at my refrigerator!

My husband LOVES his soda. Our refrigerator is always amply stocked to the brim because he drinks at least 12 cans or bottles of it a day. So, a few weeks ago, on a weekend jaunt to Massachusetts, we went shopping at the local Big Y supermarket and found a sale for 12 packs that we both just couldn't resist. FOUR 12 packs for 12.00. NOT BAD!! A pretty damn good deal!!

One of the soda's he picked in the mix and match aisle was the DIET FRESCA PEACH CITRUS soda, and I am going to pop one for me now to try.

Wendy The Snapple Lady

I have to admit to you that I have never even heard of this flavor much less tasted it, so here goes.
Okay...clearly a diet drink, I can taste this right away as it hits my tongue. The taste is peachy, and not too bad.....UH OH...now the citrus has hit and it has totally wiped the saliva clear out of my mouth!!! I have TOTAL COTTON MOUTH!!

So now I am drinking another sip to see if this is an aberration of sorts, but it has happened again. It has taken me about a minute for my salivary glands to start working again.

I need to drink a water immediately to wipe out the dry mouth and aftertaste.

The moral of the story is YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR SOMETIMES.

I rate this one bottle for the Peach taste.

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Wendy - The "Ex" Snapple Lady on July 12th, 2011
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