Aloevine Guava

Aloevine Guava

I am not too familiar with guava. I think as a standard American, I'm used to fruits like apples, grapes, oranges, and watermelon. Oh, and mush melon. Honeydew is great, too. Oh, man do I love pineapple, too. Mangoes and Guava were unheard of until I was, without exaggeration, 15 or something. By then, I had a handful of great fruits to rely on and that I liked. Why would I need anything else? Well, why do I need to drink beverages with chunks in it? Why do I need to eat things with ham on it? I eat them because they're friggin' delicious and someone made them and why not. That's why.

I don't blame my parents for not giving me "exotic" fruits. It's not their fault. They bought like ten other fruits regularly. I can't hold my parents responsible for not introducing me to everything. That's a ridiculous demand and I understand that.

This drink, guava in flavor, is good. It's right on the cusp of sweetness. Teetering on the fence of good and a bit too sweet, this drink was very bold. It has so much fruit flavor. After drinking those Alo aloe vera drinks, these aloe chunks seem baby sized. I'm not using that against them or even asking them to step up their chunk game. Just stating something I noticed.

Enough review, go drink.

United States
Aloe Vera, Chunky
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Mike Literman on January 25th, 2011
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