Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea

Arizona  Pomegranate Green Tea

Seriously folks, how many flavors does Arizona have? I feel like more and more pop up all the time, but then I remember them being around briefly years ago, then I’m shocked that we haven’t already reviewed them. This is our 29th review of an Arizona product and it also officially makes it the most reviewed company we have (Cintron has 28 reviews). That’s a lot of products for one company, and I’m sure there are a couple out there that we have still missed. After 29 reviews I can say one thing with certainty; If they had used cane sugar instead of HFCS in all of their drinks, they would probably be my favorite drink company of all time. Sure they used it in the Black & White Tea, but it’s so rare that I can find it now, that it barely counts.

To make this drink you take 8 parts Arizona original green tea and add 2 parts pomegranate flavored concentrate. Even at that low of a ratio the syrupiness of the pomegranate is all I can taste, unless I really concentrate and try to find the green tea in there. Rereading that makes it sound really gross, well I guess it is in theory, but I kind of like the way this tastes. I like the way pomegranate tastes, and while I could do with more tea flavor, for the price you can’t really complain.

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High Fructose Corn Syrup
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Jason Draper on August 16th, 2012
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