Chadwick Bay Enhanced Sweet Tea

Chadwick Bay Enhanced Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea, for anyone who doesn't know, is a Southern delicacy. When you go down there and get it, it's wonderful. It's also pretty consistent, which counts more than you will ever know. The problem in today's drink world is that every company has their own sweet tea and none of them taste the same. I get excited every time when I see a new "Sweet Tea" because I hope that it will be true to the Southern treat.

This is not. I often get confused when companies make "staple" drinks. Do they do research? Living in Buffalo, I am filled to the brim with good "Buffalo wings". Go anywhere else and the "Buffalo Wings" are absolutely disgusting. How is this possible? There are like three ingredients. If you have those three ingredients, you can't make a bad batch, same with sweet tea, black tea and sugar. Done.

I do appreciate the folks at Chadwick Bay "enhancing" my beverages with vitamins and minerals but it could be taking away from the genuine flavor of the sweet tea. Listen up, though, this is not a bad tea by any means, it's just not a traditional, classic sweet tea.

Maybe I'm looking into the word "Sweet Tea" too deeply. Maybe I'm thinking that it has to be LIKE Southern Sweet Tea all the time and not just sweetened tea. Chadwick Bay, I would give you more lenience towards this drink if you erased the subtitle "Southern Style" from your label and just called it "Sweet Tea".

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Mike Literman on October 2nd, 2010