Cicero Beverage Co Salted Caramel Root Beer

Cicero Beverage Co Salted Caramel Root Beer

Like many of us, from time to time you have probably found yourself wondering what exactly happened to the river of psychomagnotheric slime from Ghostbusters 2. Sure Vigo was using it as a power source, but after we was blasted back into the painting and drained of his powers, what happened to the slime?

Well the truth of the matter is that the slime was a bit of a problem for the city. As you know it fed off of emotions, and being such an angry city (at least while Lady Liberty herself isn’t walking around blasting feel good tunes), it was only a matter of time before the city destroyed itself. Not wanting that to occur officials loaded it up into thousands of tanker trucks and shipped it off to Chicago, without them knowing. Hey, if a city is going to destroy itself it might as well be in the Midwest, right? A weird thing happened though, Chicago’s love of food and sweets somehow changed the river of slime into a river of salted caramel, which can be seen on this bottle’s label. Strange times indeed.

The Cicero company dips into this river from time to time when they want to make root beer. They put just a dab into each bottle and it flavors it right up. There’s already caramel in a lot of darker sodas and the addition of the “slime” really amped it up. Luckily it’s not overly salted. Wouldn’t a really salty soda be the worst thing ever? Can you imagine your disappointment? There’s a bit of salt in here, but it’s not over the top. In reality this just makes me think of pretzels. Actually, I want some really bad. A bag of pretzels and a bottle of this would pair up for the perfect Midwest snack.

I’m not the world’s biggest caramel guy, so I admit that I couldn’t finish this entire bottle, but if you are a lover of that specific form of sugar, this has your name written all over it. Especially if your name is Vigo of Gozer.

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Jason Draper on July 22nd, 2014
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