Fuze Black and Green Tea

Fuze Black and Green Tea

How do I describe you, Fuze Black and Green Tea with Acai Berry and "these" essential vitamins? Floral? Clearly, the first thing you taste is the Acai, which has a fruity, almost flower spell and taste to it. It's not bad as much as it is...confusing.

As the days progress and I spend more time looking at beverages, the FDA is really insistent that we cram as much Acai down our gullets. Acai is two years ago's pomegranate. Remember when they couldn't leave that poor dude alone and it was in everything? Have you ever had a real pomegranate? They're wonderful. Wait, we were talking about Acai. Let's get back to work.

Do I like this...I still don't know. I personally don't care when vitamins are in my drinks. Sure, thanks, but I don't eat like an idiot so I get vitamins in my meals so I don't need people filling my otherwise healthy tea with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and experimental fruit.

Sidetracked again? What's wrong with me? Am I chronically unsatisfiable? Possibly/probably. I was stricken on day one with an analytical and skeptical mindset so I always think that things can be done better/faster/more efficient so when someone comes in and starts dumping some new foreign fruit unbeknownst to me down my throat by the 18.5 fluid ounces load, I can question it, can't it? 3. There. You want my review? Here it is:

It's a fruity, floral tasting drink with a sweet, bitter green tea aftertaste.

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Crystalline Fructose
Iced Tea
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Mike Literman on September 21st, 2010
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