Fuze Strawberry Guava

Fuze Strawberry Guava

Two things: A. Why did they add sucralose to this when there are both sugar and crystalline fructose up near the top? B. Why does Fuze feel the need to add skim milk to their drinks?

In answer to A I’ve read that small amounts of sucralose and other zero calorie sweeteners help to enhance the natural flavors of a drink. I’m called bull on that. What it does enhance is the terrible artificial diet flavor. It’s really unnecessary.

The reason for the second question isn’t so clear. Perhaps the CEO just likes slightly milky drinks. It reminds me of when I was little and I would mix all the drinks in the fridge into a “power drink.” In early trials I would mix in some milk, then I realized that it was kind of gross, and I started to exclude it. It would sometimes curl when mixed with juice. I’m surprised that doesn’t happen in here. Adding milk to a drink always gives it a slight melted ice cream flavor.

Let me sum up this drink for you. It would be a decent juice if there weren’t sucralose in it. It’s too bad that it has the terrible diet flavor to it. Why add that flavor when there is still 42g of sugar in the bottle? Oh and while we’re at it, they should have left out the milk as it makes it weird and creamy and melted milkshake like.

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Jason Draper on August 2nd, 2012
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