Gabrielle's Bakery Exotic Beverages Hibiscus Tea

Gabrielle's Bakery Exotic Beverages Hibiscus Tea

Every couple of days when I finish up printing t-shirts I find a nice package waiting in my front hall for me. The drink companies of the United States have been very kind to us and we whole-heartedly appreciate it. Today was one such day and as it turns out there were two boxes waiting (This and one from Mountain Dew). Normally I’ll bring the boxes inside, put them on the table and get cleaned up/make some food. After I’m all settled in and fed I’ll see what gifts came in the post. I’ll open them up, take some pictures and then put them in my “to-drink” pile. I’ll usually get to them within a week, but I have such a backlog of things to review that occasionally it takes a bit longer. Today was a very different day. I saw that the box said perishable so I opened it as soon as I got inside. When I saw that what the box contained was hibiscus tea I was stoked. We had gotten an email about this drink and I knew that it also had ginger in it; I started salivating. It was in a cooler, and the drinks were still very cold, so I quickly took some pictures and opened one up before my camera could even save the file to it’s memory card.

As soon as I took a sip I was filled with a deep sadness that could very well lead to a dark depression. You see this drink is so ridiculously good that knowing that I have so little of it, and that my willpower is weak, that it will soon be gone from my life. You see I can’t get this drink around me. It’s made in Georgia, and I believe it’s only available in that self same state.

It’s a fairly sweet tea that has the faint hint of floral hibiscus. Mike and I have argued over whether we love hibiscus or not. I kept telling him that in fact we were not we just had one hibiscus drink that blew our socks off and the rest were merely mediocre. I hereby take back everything I said. This drink showed me that when prepared properly hibiscus could be a gift given by the gods. You know what another one of their gifts was? That’s right, ginger. I love ginger. I can’t get enough. Mixed in with this already wonderful tea and I’m in heaven. This is real ginger, so it has the faintest of burns and the greatest of flavors. Throw in a few other spices and it’s almost more than I can handle.

This drink is absolutely perfect. I just mapped it out and it would take me 14.5 hours to drive to Florida. If I leave now I can get there around 9am tomorrow. I also have two bottles left to give me a fix along the way. I may have to rent a Uhaul because I don’t think I can fit as much as I would need in my tiny hatchback.

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Jason Draper on October 12th, 2012