Honeydrop Blueberry

Honeydrop Blueberry

So I reviewed this a few weeks ago, and Honeydrop emailed us to let us know that they reworked the recipe and they think we will like it a lot more. They were right. They reduced the amount of honey in the drink, so you really taste the blueberry now. It still tastes like honey as well, but it’s not so overpowering. They also took out the erythritol and use stevia instead. They said it helps bring out the flavors. I can’t taste it at all, so good job on that one. You guys have taken a really good drink and made it even better. Thanks.

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So honey is waste from bees, correct? Bees are just puking up honey for our consumption. I find it odd that I am way more okay with eating bee puke than I am with drinking milk (there’s a completely disgusting food). Okay so does all honey taste the same, or is it flavored by what the bee eats/what time of plant they get their pollen from? I’d like to think that if a bee got its pollen from some sort of fruit plant that the honey would have a hint of that fruit to it. Do fruit plants even produce pollen? Am I completely insane? I guess we will never know because the bees aren’t talking no matter what sort of interrogation we put them through. All I know is that I want guava honey. That is my dream, and I would like for someone to turn it into a reality. Bees, I’m looking in your direction.

Until the bees find out a way to make me some fruit honey, the best we can do is to sweeten some fruit juice with copious amounts of honey. Honeydrop has been put in charge of that. Their drinks really, really smell like honey. They taste like it too, which can be pretty neat, but sometimes it’s a bit too much. I would like a little more blueberry and a little less honey in this drink. It’s really more honey than juice. It tastes like there is enough honey in this drink to put me into a diabetic coma, and I don’t even have diabetes yet. The consistency of the drink is even thick due to the high concentrate of honey.

The thing that boggles me the most about this is that it is sweetened with honey, yet they also felt the need to add erythritol. Whosever idea that was, you’re fired, for adding a completely unnecessary ingredient. All this needs to be is blueberry juice and honey (in proper percentages), and I would be perfectly content.

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Jason Draper on July 6th, 2012
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